What's New: August 2022

08.15.22: Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Bulletin blurb, hymn history and instrumental parts.

08.01.22: NEW! Great Is Thy Faithfulness. It's finally here! Sorry this arrangement took so long, I wanted to make sure I could make it the best it could be!

Incidentally, Great Is Thy Faithfulness only came into the public domain in 2019 (I only can publish public domain music on the website.) I worked out this arrangement in my head over a year ago but was still getting better from all my health issues and didn't want to tackle it until now.

07.14.22: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name: New bulletin blurb.

06.07.22: NEW Recording: Near To The Heart Of God: New recording for this hymnchart from 2007 along with bulletin blurb, multitracks, transposed chord charts, enhanced instrumental and vocal sheet music.

05.12.22: NEW Recording: Breathe on Me, Breath of God: Originally arranged back in 2004, this hymn has now been updated with new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts. This is definately a piano driven arrangement and sounds quite nice with just piano and strings so I included a demo and tracks with piano/strings only.

05.11.22: Breathe on Me, Breath of God: New bulletin blurb.

04.18.22: Jesus Paid It All: New bulletin blurb.

04.11.22: NEW Recording: Come, Thou Almighty King: Originally arranged back in 2005, this hymn has now been updated with new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts, bulletin blurb and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts.

04.06.22: Christ The Lord Is Risen Today: New stereo tracks in keys Bb & D.

04.03.22: Were You There: New bulletin blurb.

03.28.22: When I Survey The Wonderous Cross: New bulletin blurb.

03.22.22: All Glory Laud And Honor: New bulletin blurb.

03.21.22: NEW Lyric Videos: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today and The Old Rugged Cross

03.21.22: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today is a hard hymn to sing! Read about my "vocal trick.".

03.17.22: NEW Arrangement: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 2022. This arrangement is taken from the Easter Medley - I liked it so much I wanted to make it into a separate download. Try using it to kick off your Easter service, then follow up with other popular praise songs.

03.15.22: 20th Anniversary! Hymncharts is 20 years old this month! I started the website officially on March 6, 2002.

03.07.22: NEW Recording: The Old Rugged Cross: I've recorded this early hymncharts arrangement (from way back in 2003!) for the first time - new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts, bulletin blurb and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts.

03.07.22: The Old Rugged Cross: hymn history.

02.11.22: Nothing But The Blood: New bulletin blurb.

01.31.22: Christ Arose: New bulletin blurb.

01.14.22: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today: New bulletin blurb.

01.10.22: 2021 Recap Newsletter: In this latest newsletter I talk about an overview of 2021. I also introduce my new, free website: hymndex.com! Hymndex is a hymn lyrics website with one big difference from any other hymn lyrics website: no punctuation! I created it to help contemporary churches build their worship projection presentations. You'll start to see HYMNDEX links on every arrangement page here at hymncharts over January as we get them updated so you'll have quick access.

01.03.22: Amazing Grace: New bulletin blurb.

12.20.21: Silent Night: New bulletin blurb.

12.13.21: NEW hymn lyric videos! Since worship livestreams are a thing now and people have been asking for them, here are the first 10 hymn lyric videos... FREE with your hymncharts subscription! (I'm also creating a separate website for churches who just want the videos, but you get them all free!) I'll put out about two per month. You have permission to use them in your livestreams and home groups. You can find a list under the Hymns link at the top of every page.

12.12.21: Added a convenient copy function to the bulletin blurb for The First Noel 2021. I'll add this to all future bulletin blurbs, many more are coming! Are you liking the idea of a bulletin blurb for the hymns? Let us know via the contact link!

12.08.21: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence: I've never quite arranged a song like this before! This chant-like hymn was used centuries ago for communion - I think it would be perfect for an unusual Christmas Eve candlelight service!

12.06.21: NEW multitracks and instrumental parts for The First Noel 2021.

12.02.21: NEW chord charts, synth strings, SATB and SAB for The First Noel 2021.

11.29.21: NEW Hymn History for The First Noel 2021. A few years ago I wrote a short history on the hymncharts blog about the hymn Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus. Somehow that article ingrained itself into search engine algorithms and became the most popular page at hymncharts! Evidently people like hymn histories, so I've commisioned writer Taylor Brantley (who also helps with hymncharts social media) to research and write stories behind the hymns. But here's the twist, exclusively for hymncharts subscribers: you have permission to download a short blurb suitable for printing in your church bulletin or for use in your other publications. His first history is about The First Noel - the full stories will be on the hymncharts blog and subscribers can login for the exclusive bulletin blurb. Of course, feel free to use the full story if you wish, I just wanted to provide you with the shorter, bulletin blurb option.

11.22.21: NEW Arrangement: The First Noel 2021. This arrangement ushers in a new, modern era at hymncharts! Read more at the blog. I wanted to release this before Thanksgiving so you can consider it in your Christmas worship planning, so right now I just have the MP3 demos and the core piano/vocal sheet music. I'll upload chord charts, instrumental parts and multitracks over the next week.

09.30.21: NEW SATB+ and MULTIS: Amazing Grace 2004.

09.17.21: NEW Recording: I Will Praise Him: I've recorded this early hymncharts arrangement (from way back in 2004) for the first time - new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts.

08.03.21: NEW PowerPoint Files: For the past several weeks my team and I have been rebuilding every last PowerPoint file and have made them wide-screen. Read more about the new PowerPoints on the blog.

We've double and triple and quadruple checked them for accuracy. I was going to upload them last week and we still were finding problems. Email me if you find any PowerPoints that have errors.

We've formated them using CMG Sans. It's my favorite font for worship slides and it is FREE for churches! Included are 34 weights, including an all-caps font. Download CMG Sans at ChurchMotionGraphics.com. (They'll default to generic fonts if you don't use CMG Sans.)

07.06.21: UPDATE: After a month of hiccups I finally got word TODAY that hymncharts has been migrated to the new server! I'll be testing it over the next few days so please email me if you find anything not working!

06.04.21: Good and bad news: The good news is hymncharts is experiencing a ton of traffic 🙂 The bad news is I have outgrown my web hosting and have to migrate over 50g of files to a new server LOL! They keep telling me it will be finished any day now... so I have decided to not upload any new files until the transfer is complete. What's coming: completely new, reformatted Powerpoint files, SATB Amazing Grace and multitracks - I'll alert you via email (and here) when the new files are active.

05.20.21: Amazing Grace 2004: New instrumental parts, ORC demo and stereo tracks in various keys.

05.20.21: I just discovered a cool plugin that tracks the most popular hymns in real time over the past 7 days! I love statistics! Check it out on the right: Trending: Past 7 Days

04.28.21: Amazing Grace 2004, originally released on April 23, 2004, can now be heard for the first time with this new recording seventeen years later! The piano part has been slightly enhanced and the vocals and instrumental parts have been completely updated. Also new are transposed chord charts. Instrumental parts, additional stereo track keys and multitracks are coming soon. read more about it in on the blog.

02.26.21: Glorious Day Service Guide: Downloads for this service guide have now been fixed and are available to all subscribers.

02.04.21: New recording: Fairest Lord Jesus: New transposed chord charts, vocal demos, multitracks, updated vocal and instrumental parts. Originally arranged in 2002, Fairest Lord Jesus is one of the earliest hymncharts that has never been recorded until now.

01.18.21: I'm SUPER excited to report that you can now change the key of the sheet music for 75% of hymncharts arrangements for free! Learn more.

01.08.21: To start off the new year and the new hymncharts website I wanted to spruce up my flagship arrangement: All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.

This latest version has completely updated synth strings, instrumental parts as well as new SATB and SAB. The piano part has been slightly tweaked and the 3 part vocals have remained unchanged.

I've stripped down the arrangement a little bit by removing some of the synthy leads and things that were more in vogue a decade ago.

The recording has been remixed and cleaned up with the latest technology - completely new vocal demos and multitracks.

I've done this to keep up with the times and styles (plus I feel I can mix better and arrange better than I could 10-20 years ago!) All Hail is now on its 3rd iteration - version 3.0. It was my first arrangement I created back in 2002 when, as a new music director at a church plant, people in my congregation were complaining I wasn't including hymns in my praise sets. I wasn't including them because back in those days, there weren't any! So I started arranging my own and thus hymncharts was born.

That first version had a key change on the fourth verse. I kept the arrangement in one key for the next version (2.0) back in 2012's revamp.

I also had a "modern mix" which I've dropped for the time being. I plan on creating a special arrangement just for that style - a sound that would fit better with today's worship from Bethel, Elevation, etc. so stay tuned!

12.20.20: Merry Christmas from hymncharts!: Over the past few weeks many of you have sent me videos of you and your churches performing my arrangements on your livestreams and they have been such an incredible blessing! Now that I've "come back to life" I have several arrangements and new recordings in "the can" ready to release over the course of January and I am very much looking forward to 2021 (aren't we all lol!) Now, you have one more week of stress getting ready for Christmas Eve and then please take a well-deserved break 🙂 Here's an article I wrote at my other website, worshipideas.com, with some tips for a last-minute Christmas Eve service.

12.10.20: Lyrics Search Working: The new hymncharts website lost the ability to search lyrics. You wouldn't believe what goes on behind the scenes here, and a simple thing like rebuilding the lyrics search has taken over three weeks - going back and forth with the European developer. It's now working - simply click the magnifying glass icon at the top right of any page (far right of the navigation area) and enter lyrics. This is also great for thematic planning - if your pastor is preaching on "hope" simply type "hope" and find all the hymns with that word. Narrow searches with quotes - "royal diadem" will only return results with the those two words in that exact order.

12.10.20: Squashing Bugs: Thank you so much to those of you who have reported errors! We think we have found about 98% of broken links, so please continue to let us know if you find anything not working correctly. Click on "contact" at the top of any page.

11.19.20: NEW WEBSITE:

The new website went live around 10:50pm eastern (sorry if you got caught in the middle of it, I didn't log any traffic and hopefully nobody was on that late at night!) Even though the design is similar, my team and I have spent hours rebuilding the entire website with a new template. Some functionality (like lyrics searching) is currently offline as I have to develop a completely new method. With any new overhaul there will inevitably be broken links - if you find something that isn't downloading or working please send me an email at the error page.

With the new website update I've tried to make downloading files make more sense. Instead of choir, praise team and worship leader tabs you can now sort downloads by vocals, instruments, chord charts and tracks. Please email me if you have any questions.

11.11.20: Newsletter with 2 big announcements! A new hymncharts website is coming.

06.29.20: New Remix: Jesus Paid It All: New mix using the latest tech, new multitracks and updated vocal and instrumental parts.

03.25.20: New Remix: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today: New mix using the latest tech (wow, what a difference 10 years makes in mixing technology!), new multitracks and updated vocal and instrumental parts. Try adding a french horn (or french horn synth patch) to your praise band - the vocal demo FH gives you an idea of what this sounds like.

01.13.20: New recording: Day By Day: New transposed chord charts, vocal demos, multitracks, updated vocal and instrumental parts. This is one of my earliest arrangements (2004) that I've never recorded. When I revisit these I'll usually improve on the arrangements because, presumably, I'm a better arranger now than I was 15 years ago :).

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