What's New: October 2022

09.07.22: Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty: New bulletin blurb.

09.07.22: Great Is Thy Faithfulness ORC: New ORC demo and ORC multitracks.

08.31.22: Christmas is coming! To keep you updated on what's going on at hymncharts, I'm working on a few new Christmas arrangements for the holidays. I've got them arranged and am now in the process of recording vocals. Next will be guitars and then I'll start releasing the arrangements as I get them mixed.

08.31.22: Top 20 Hymncharts. FYI I keep track of the top 20 hymncharts arrangements at my other website Worshipflow.com (plus the top CCLI, CCM and Praisecharts, complete with lyrics and videos!) On the right side of this page you'll see the trending top 10, updated continually, and at Worshipflow you'll see the top 20 for the week ending each Friday.

08.15.22: Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Bulletin blurb, hymn history and instrumental parts.

08.01.22: NEW! Great Is Thy Faithfulness. It's finally here! Sorry this arrangement took so long, I wanted to make sure I could make it the best it could be!

Incidentally, Great Is Thy Faithfulness only came into the public domain in 2019 (I only can publish public domain music on the website.) I worked out this arrangement in my head over a year ago but was still getting better from all my health issues and didn't want to tackle it until now.

07.14.22: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name: New bulletin blurb.

06.07.22: NEW Recording: Near To The Heart Of God: New recording for this hymnchart from 2007 along with bulletin blurb, multitracks, transposed chord charts, enhanced instrumental and vocal sheet music.

05.12.22: NEW Recording: Breathe on Me, Breath of God: Originally arranged back in 2004, this hymn has now been updated with new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts. This is definately a piano driven arrangement and sounds quite nice with just piano and strings so I included a demo and tracks with piano/strings only.

05.11.22: Breathe on Me, Breath of God: New bulletin blurb.

04.18.22: Jesus Paid It All: New bulletin blurb.

04.11.22: NEW Recording: Come, Thou Almighty King: Originally arranged back in 2005, this hymn has now been updated with new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts, bulletin blurb and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts.

04.06.22: Christ The Lord Is Risen Today: New stereo tracks in keys Bb & D.

04.03.22: Were You There: New bulletin blurb.

03.28.22: When I Survey The Wonderous Cross: New bulletin blurb.

03.22.22: All Glory Laud And Honor: New bulletin blurb.

03.21.22: NEW Lyric Videos: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today and The Old Rugged Cross

03.21.22: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today is a hard hymn to sing! Read about my "vocal trick.".

03.17.22: NEW Arrangement: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today 2022. This arrangement is taken from the Easter Medley - I liked it so much I wanted to make it into a separate download. Try using it to kick off your Easter service, then follow up with other popular praise songs.

03.15.22: 20th Anniversary! Hymncharts is 20 years old this month! I started the website officially on March 6, 2002.

03.07.22: NEW Recording: The Old Rugged Cross: I've recorded this early hymncharts arrangement (from way back in 2003!) for the first time - new MP3 demos, tracks, transposed chord charts, bulletin blurb and enhanced vocal / instrumental parts.

03.07.22: The Old Rugged Cross: hymn history.

02.11.22: Nothing But The Blood: New bulletin blurb.

01.31.22: Christ Arose: New bulletin blurb.

01.14.22: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today: New bulletin blurb.

01.10.22: 2021 Recap Newsletter: In this latest newsletter I talk about an overview of 2021. I also introduce my new, free website: hymndex.com! Hymndex is a hymn lyrics website with one big difference from any other hymn lyrics website: no punctuation! I created it to help contemporary churches build their worship projection presentations. You'll start to see HYMNDEX links on every arrangement page here at hymncharts over January as we get them updated so you'll have quick access.

01.03.22: Amazing Grace: New bulletin blurb.

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