Multitracks Info:
Your hymncharts subscription gives you permission to stream tracks and multitracks for online services.

HymnCharts MULTITRACKS come in 2 flavors:

WAV: The largest sized files and the best quality files.

MP3: Top quality 320kbps MP3s that are practically as good as WAVs at a fraction of the size.

APPS: Smaller 120kbps MP3s that work better (because of the smaller size and shorter file names) in smartphone and tablet apps like PRIME and PLAYBACK.

UPDATE 11.06.22: New hymncharts arrangements will no longer offer the APPS option - analytics show APPS downloads were a mere .7% of all track downloads.

I highly recommend for both their multitracks and their easy-to-use PRIME for iPhone, iPad, & Mac. I got it to work the first time I tried it with HymnCharts MULTITRACKS. also offers their excellent YouTube tutorial videos that will tell you everything you need to know about using multitracks!