Free Key Change

The free Finale Notepad (Windows only) can open and transpose 75% of hymncharts arrangements (list on the left.)

Download the free Finale Notepad.

Why this works for only these arrangements: The free Finale Notepad is a limited version of their paid products Finale (for both Windows and Mac) and Printmusic (Windows only) and can only change the key of the entire arrangement.

The earliest hymncharts arrangements were created at a time when key changes on the last verse were more popular. Today, in modern worship, you’ll rarely hear a key change in a typical praise song so the newer hymncharts arrangements are also in one key.

To change key on the earlier arrangements with a key change on the final verse you’ll need to use one of the paid versions of Finale. The paid software will allow you to start the arrangement in one key and transpose to another key at the end.

Click the teal buttons on any arrangement page that say “FINALE” to download .mus files that can be opened in any Finale software.

Arrangements that can be transposed with the free Finale Notepad will be designated with a “Free Key Change” notice on the right side of the page.